Pumpkin Pie from the Ground Up! (Well, Almost!)

Pumpkin Pie From the Ground Up! (Well, Almost!): Light, Healthy, Organic Pumpkin Pie Your Friends Will DIE for! - Ms. Marilynn Dawson

Most people have that go-to recipe that they use consistently. This is the one people keep coming to you asking for more.


Let me introduce you to the recipe that I use, the one that gets the rave reviews and that people, including my daughter's friends, regularly ask for. 


From picking out the best pumpkin to preparing it for use in your best holiday pie yet, this little ebook walks you through every step of the way!  BYOC! (Bring your own crust)




Do you consider yourself an early adopter?  On the cutting edge?  Then even as this book visits one more pair of eyeballs for any further edits, (that will be three in total, it's passed through two already) then click the URL here to get your copy as pumpkin season begins in various parts of North America.