Pumpkin Pie Season is Approaching! And so is a little e-book from Songdove Books

Who doesn't love pumpkin pie with Thanksgiving Dinner or on Christmas Day?  Soon the pumpkins will be coming off the farmer's fields and into produce markets and grocery stores.  Unfortunately, many of them will end up hollowed out and rotting on front porches by the end of Halloween.


This author has a pumpkin pie recipe that people rave about everytime they try it!  To be more precise, it's the pumpkin pie filling they rave about as I have to buy my own crusts.  Every single time I make crusts, they turn out tough no matter which recipe I try or how it's explained to me.  So this little e-book is NOT going to teach you how to make the crust!  You do need to provide a crust, but the focus of this book will be on creating the filling that goes into that crust!


What is the book's title?  "Pumpkin Pie From the Ground Up! (Well, Almost!)" with the subtitle, "Light, Healthy, Organic Pumpkin Pie Your Friends Will DIE for!"


The book is currently undergoing review with at least one edit to be done so far.  A contest is also going on over at my pinterest account and Facebook, looking for that perfect home-baked pumpkin pie photo for the front cover of this book!  The winner will receive a copy of this book for free, as their prize and renumeration for use of their photo on the cover. 


No picture of the cover then, as it's not created yet.  But stay tuned!  Pumpkin season is coming, and so is this book!