Two Weeks to Launch!

Just a note to let everyone know, that "A Year in Prayer With Jesus" has been approved for publishing and is now hitting various online retailers in paperback.  In coming days it will also be made available via PDF, epub, and mobi for those who prefer to read their books in digital format.

As of today, August 17th, we are wrapping up the latest giveaway draw over at booklikes ( tomorrow night, with five more giveaways before August 30th!  August 30th officially kickstarts the launch of this latest book.  View the complete schedule of giveaways with links here:

It is my desire to see 365 people engage this book on Day One at 365 consequtive times on the calendar.  Because the book has not been dated according to month, but only according to day, anyone may begin the prayer journey at any time of the year.  If 365 people were to get on board and do this, those people groups, language groups, 10-40 nations, and various missions organizations from across the denominational spectrum that are mentioned in one of the prayer prompts would all receive prayer 365 times for an entire year.  As the days grow darker on the world stage, the need for prayer has never been greater!  I'm sure those groups would greatly appreciate the spiritual hand up.

Two bloggers are on board to help celebrate the launch of this book.  If you'd like to take part as well, contact me ideally by the end of this week so that I can prep and send you the information you'll require.

It would be kind of fun to start filling the blog calendar with notes indicating yet another person has accepted the challenge.  You could have your name listed or not, have your blog listed or not, the entry could be very generic or a quick bio of who has taken up the challenge to spend "A Year in Prayer With Jesus".

Currently, this book is available for either pre-order or actual order, at the following list of places:

In Canada:





Pre-order is designed to coincide with the August 30th launch of the book where-ever possible.  In some cases, pre-order is not available and you could get your book earlier than August 30th.  If you order from one of those places, it would be great to see you post a review for others waiting till the August 30th date before their order ships.

This book will become available on my own site in coming days as well.  With the site hiccups lately, hopefully the book will be available there via paypal checkout, by launch if not before.  Additional places that will be carrying this book in either paperback or digital format include Scribd, Google Play/Google Books, Nook sources, New Christian Books, iTunes, Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble, and more.

As usual, if you'd like to view a sampling of this book, feel free to visit my author page at: and scroll down on the left-hand side.  You'll see the book's logo and can click to read the sample right there.  

In the meantime, head over to and see how many of my current books you can win before the big day!

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