Plans in the Works for Book Launch of "A Year in Prayer With Jesus"!

Front Cover for "A Year in Prayer With Jesus""A Year in Prayer With Jesus" has reached the proofing stage!  This means in 3 to 4 weeks, I will have it in hand, reviewing the paper copy for errors, and hopefully releasing it for printing ideally the week before the September Labour Day Long Weekend!  

The pre-launch tour that's been going on since late June has been sharing about the book, interviews about myself as an author or the book and how it came to be, etc.  There have been give-aways going on during the tour as well.  As the tour enters it's final week, another month-long celebration ahead of book launch will kick into high gear.

From August 1st until August 30th, there will be ebook giveaways for all 10 current titles under the Songdove Books imprint!  Each giveaway will last three days and three winners will be chosen each day.  When August 30th arrives, A 4 day and a 7 day giveaway will commence for "A Year in Prayer With Jesus"!  4 winners and 7 winners will be chosen respectively at two different websites, for a total of 11 recipients of the brand new book.

URL's to these giveaways are already up and clickable at:
Simply choose the month you wish to look at (August) to mouse over and/or click the various giveaway dates.  Each event listing in this calendar contains the link for that particular 3-day giveaway.

In addition to the month-long round of giveaways, there will also be a month-long sale taking place at three locations online where paperback versions of my books are sold.  For the entire month of August, you will be able to pick up paperback copies of my books for 15% off the usual retail price.  You'll need to use the following codes at checkout for the following sites:

YTUWZNRV 15% discount code
YPWJ-PROMO 15% discount code
YPWJ-PROMO 15% discount code

If you are a blogger and wish to help out with this book launch, leave me a message with your email address and I'll be in touch with you.  If you wish to help out with this book launch by sharing the calendar of give-aways or sharing the 15% off paperback promo code and online locations, be my guest!  The greater word-of-mouth the better!

It is a dream of mine to have 365 people purchase this book in paperback, PDF, epub, or mobi, and each of these people begin "A Year in Prayer With Jesus" on 365 consequative dates!  For those prayer prompts where people groups, language families, nations and missions organizations are presented, this dream would have them covered by someone every single day for an entire year!  This includes those nations and people groups in current conflict zones as of the time of this announcement.  

When "A Year in Prayer With Jesus" officially launches, it will be available for $25.50 in paperback, and $9.99 in the various ebook formats.  Currently you can arrange for pre-order at Storenvy and Createspace above.  Deliveries will commence the first week of September and depending on what you chose for shipping, will take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks to get to you.

As other book launch ideas come up and get fleshed out, more notices will be sent.

So bookmark the calendar URL above, make note of these discount codes, and get ready for a month of celebration!  Don't forget that we have three more blog stops on the pre-launch tour as well!  You'll find those in the calendar too.  That's 6 more daily free single-day downloads, and three more opportunities to enter for your copy of a one-month sampling of this book before it's ready for sale.

See you in August!