Just 2.5wks left of the Pre-Launch Virtual Book Tour for "A Year in Prayer With Jesus"

You are invited to come along as we continue on with this pre-launch book tour.  All features on my blog, and all blog stops being hosted across 12 other blogs all have their links below.  Each link is updated as that date comes along on tour.  If you take advantage of past links and download every day's single-day free download, you'll have 24 samples of this book by August 8th!  Better yet, if you enter your name in each blog stop's giveaway form when it goes live, you will have a chance to win a consequtive one month sample of the book as well.


"A Year in Prayer With Jesus" Virtual Book Tour Schedule

Week one - Author/blogger feature over at Marilynn's blog ( http://ow.ly/y8Dhz): June 17th - tour stop: June 19th - Pamela Rose Williams - http://www.christianityeveryday.com/index.php/a-year-in-prayer-with-jesus-pre-launch-virtual-book-tour-plus-giveaway/

Week Two - Author/blogger feature over at Marilynn's blog ( http://songdove.fa-ct.com/wordpress-mu/songdovemusings/2014/06/24/featured-blogger-for-this-weeks-stop-on-tour-3/): June 24th - tour stop: June 26th - Jansina Grossman - http://blog.rivershorebooks.com/2014/06/blog-tour-year-in-prayer-with-jesus-by.html

Week three - Author/blogger feature over at Marilynn's blog ( http://songdove.fa-ct.com/wordpress-mu/songdovemusings/2014/06/30/featured-blogger-for-this-weeks-first-stop-on-tour/: June 30th - tour stop: July 2nd - Jim Hughes - http://cthroughmarriageauthorsblog.blogspot.ca/2014/07/week-three-of-marilyn-dawsons-blog-tour.html

Week three - free download over at Marilynn's blog ( http://songdove.fa-ct.com/wordpress-mu/songdovemusings/2014/07/03/featured-blogger-for-this-weeks-2nd-stop-on-tour/): July 3rd - tour stop: July 5th - Lorilyn Roberts - http://lorilynroberts.blogspot.ca/2014/07/fourth-stop-on-author-marilynn-dawsons.html

Week four - Author/blogger feature over at Marilynn's blog ( http://songdove.fa-ct.com/wordpress-mu/songdovemusings/2014/07/09/featured-blogger-for-this-weeks-stop-on-tour-2/): July 9th - tour stop: July 12th - Margaret Armanious - http://ministryinwords.wordpress.com/2014/07/12/announcement-and-free-giveaway-featuring-author-marilynn-dawson/

Week Five - Author/blogger feature over at Marilynn's blog ( http://songdove.fa-ct.com/wordpress-mu/songdovemusings/2014/07/14/featured-blogger-for-this-weeks-first-stop-on-tour-2/): July 14th - Tour stop: July 16th - Jansina Grossman - http://thilly-little-nothings.blogspot.ca/2014/07/book-tour-year-in-prayer-with-jesus.html

Week Five - Author/blogger feature over at Marilynn's blog ( http://songdove.fa-ct.com/wordpress-mu/songdovemusings/2014/07/17/featured-blogger-for-this-weeks-2nd-stop-on-tour-2/): July 17th - Tour stop: July 19th - Madeline Duffy - http://www.shaneflynn.com/blog/marilynn-dawson-author

Week Six - Author/blogger feature over at Marilynn's blog ( http://songdove.fa-ct.com/wordpress-mu/songdovemusings/2014/07/20/featured-blogger-for-this-weeks-1st-stop-on-tour/): July 20th - Tour stop: July 22nd - Rebekah Beene - http://rebekahbeene.wordpress.com/todays-stop-with-marilynn-dawsons-virtual-book-tour/

Week Six - Author/blogger feature over at Marilynn's blog ( http://songdove.fa-ct.com/wordpress-mu/songdovemusings/2014/07/23/our-second-featured-blogger-for-this-weeks-second-stop-on-tour/): July 23rd - Tour stop: July 24th - Amanda Taylor - http://soaringeaglepublicity.com/2014/07/tourstopthursday-book-feature-year-prayer-jesus-marilynn-dawson/

Week seven - Author/blogger feature over at Marilynn's bog ( http://songdove.fa-ct.com/wordpress-mu/songdovemusings/2014/07/28/featured-blogger-for-this-weeks-1st-stop-on-tour-2/): July 28th - Tour stop: July 30th - Jim Hughes - http://www.cthroughmarriage.blogspot.ca/2014/07/author-marilyn-dawson.html

Week seven - Author/blogger feature over at Marilynn's bog ( http://songdove.fa-ct.com/wordpress-mu/songdovemusings/2014/07/31/featured-blogger-for-this-weeks-2nd-stop-on-tour-3/): July 31st - Tour stop: August 2nd - Dawnita Fogleman - http://foglemanforerunner.com/2014/08/02/a-year-in-prayer-with-jesus-by-marilynn-dawson-blog-tour/

Week eight - Author/blogger feature over at Marilynn's bog ( http://songdove.fa-ct.com/wordpress-mu/songdovemusings/): August 5th - tour stop: August 8th - Jansina Grossman - http://blog.iandfmag.com/
Thanks for joining me on this adventure.