My Review of "21 Stories of Faith"

21 Stories of Faith: Real People, Real Stories, Real Faith - Shelley Hitz, C.J. Hitz, Janet Perez Eckles, Jorja Davis, Kim Bookmyer, Mark Moyers, Lilly Maytree, Carol Freed, Laura J. Marshall, Cheryl Rogers, Victor Brodt, Mikayla Kayne, Paul B. Heidt, Marilynn Dawson, Mary L. Ball, Nishoni Harvey, Ruth Kyser, Krystal Kuehn, Cliff Ba

Testimony time when I was growing up in Church, was such a way to boost each other's faith for the trials ahead! Here in this book, 21 of us have come together to offer stories of faith from our own lives. I pray this touches those who need that extra boost for tomorrow.