Fall Sales at Songdove Books

Fall has definitely kicked into gear around Songdove Books!

To begin with, we launched the Fall Back To School Book Bundle - 4 books for $74.9 when ordered directly through me, the author! This offer is not being offered anywhere but on my author blog and ends October 31st. You will receive up to 25% off the reguar retail price of other online retailers.  Click here to visit the actual promotion to find the exclusive buy link for this promo: http://songdove.fa-ct.com/wordpress-mu/songdovemusings/2015/08/24/back-to-school-bundle-for-the-entire-family/



The second thing to happen this Fall is that we finally reached Month Six of the prayer cards based on "A Year in Prayer With Jesus"! Each deck contains either 30 or 31 days' worth of printable hi-res (300 dpi) prayer cards, 7 cards per day to match the seven prayer prompts in the book. These decks only cost $20 each, which is less than 20 cents per image. By most graphic artists' standards, that's a steal as they'd often charge at least $1 per card or more. However at that price, each monthly deck would cost well over $200! Multiply that by 12 months and the price would be $2,400!!! When I saw THAT figure, I squawked! Charging just $20 per monthly deck reduces the total outlay by the time you collect all 12 months, to just $240! That's much easier to swallow!



A section on my website will eventually contain all 12 months' worth of cards in a manner where you can buy just one or two or a small handful. They will be $1 each as downloads, and other prices as you turn them into cards or stickers or other options that are available. I still haven't found the best way to present them on the site yet. It appears that even standard screensaver technology still won't let you display certain cards at certain times of day either, so it's not just photo galleries not having this capability yet. I'll find it eventually.

In the meantime, I am pleased to announce that Month Six has finally been completed, and in celebration of getting half way through creating these printable card decks, the first three months are now on sale for 25% off! Use the following links to make use of this sale:

Month One: sale https://gum.co/PC-YPWJ/pc-ypwj-123
Month Two: sale https://gum.co/PC2-YPWJ/pc-ypwj-123
Month Three: sale https://gum.co/PC3-YPWJ/pc-ypwj-123

This sale is only good for the length of time it takes me to complete the next three months' worth of printable prayer cards! So we'll see how long the next set takes to complete.