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30 Days of Advent Colouring Journal - Ms. Marilynn Dawson

Hey everyone,


It's been quite some time since I wrote you all last!  Health and income have not been good, putting a huge pause on the writing projects currently sitting on the back burner.


However, Advent is just around the corner now, hot on the heels of the American Thanksgiving!  You'll want to get your orders in early to beat the rush.


Secondly, there's a new social network out there that could be a real boon to other authors you know.  Their SocialCRM is patent-pending and they are currently in beta.  As of this very evening, they announced a huge contest coming soon, as soon as they reach 2 million beta testers!


I don't know about you, but personally, I love contests, particularly if they are free, and if they have potential to reach more readers.  There's some authors over there already, so this is another way to connect with them.


I'd be honoured if you clicked through the following link and signed up using my referral link. Once Webtalk is out of beta, there won't be any more private invitations, it will be wide open. (but if you want to take part in the contest announcement, use my referral link)



Celebrating Advent This Season!

30 Days of Advent Colouring Journal - Ms. Marilynn Dawson

As of yesterday, 14 copies of this book have now sold this month on Amazon!  If you want to celebrate Advent with "30 Days of Advent Colouring Journal" and start November 27th, Amazon has you covered with fast shipping! 


"30 Days of Advent Colouring Journal" is also featured in this year's Christmas Bundle!


You can help promote this year's Christmas Bundle and be entered to win a PDF copy of "30 Days of Advent Colouring Journal"! 



Beginning January 25th: The Poor Man's Budget - 5 Week Course, Just $5 per session!

The Poor Man's Budget (Or Anyone For That Matter) Instructor's Manual: A 5 week course learning to live within your means - Ms Marilynn Dawson The Poor Man's Budget  (or Anyone For That Matter) Student Workbook: A 5 week course learning to live within your means - Ms Marilynn Dawson The Poor Man's Budget: Three Month Journal: Identifying Income and Expenses - Ms. Marilynn Dawson

Are you concerned about the Canadian economy? Does your income seem to be disappearing faster than anticipated? Would you be interested in spending just $5 each day for 5 weeks to learn tips and tricks to better manage your household finances?

Then you'll want to sign up to take this course, "The Poor Man's Budget (or anyone for that matter): A Five Week Course - Learning to live within your means.


At just $5 per day, this course is aimed at those who are struggling with their finances. Anyone of any income bracket can take this course, because anyone regardless of income can find themselves struggling to make ends meet and occasionally feeling financially poor.

Those wishing to attend in person, can pay the entire course amount up front if you wish. $125 is the total cost of attending this course.

If you don't have that much free right off the bat, don't worry! $5 per day will be just fine as well. Students attending via the online webinar will not have the option to pay up front and will pay the $5 fee each time they access the day's webinar.

For those who might miss a day's session, the online webinars will be recorded and require the $5 fee to view.

Each student is encouraged to pick up a copy of the Student Workbook. This will cost you $6.50 + $7 S&H. Order it direct through me, the author. and you will pick up your book in class shortly after it arrives. Online students will have your book drop-shipped to you directly.

For those who like to be organized before taking a class, the Three Month Journal is also available for purchase: for $10 plus $7 S&H. If you order this book and sign up to take the course, you will be notified when the next intake is closer to the end of your three month time frame.

The sign-up form contains several choices: Your choice of what time of day would suit you best to take the course - how you wish to take the course, whether in person or online - which sum of funds you wish to pay - how you wish to remit payment. So pay careful attention to the form as you fill it out. A digital version is available here: Your email address will be added to a mailing list just for this course, so that information requiring quick updates to students can happen efficiently. After the course is over, you may unsubscribe, or your email will be moved to an alumni list for infrequent contact from me.

So pass this course announcement around to all your friends!

NOTE: I only have room for an in-person class of up to 14 people at any given time! You have four time slots to choose from, and three of them will be worked into any given intake session. (if the 11am slot is full, the 1pm slot won't be used but if the 11am slot is empty, the 1pm slot will be used, so I can eat lunch!)

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— feeling happy
Songdove Books is offering 10% off all purchases made directly from Createspace now through to January 3rd. Filling your cart with every single paperback in this list will give you the equivalent of two books FREE! This sale includes all the recently-released books this Fall including the Study Journal for “Becoming the Bride of Christ: A Personal Journey”, the “One Year Prayer Journal” companion to “A Year in Prayer With Jesus”, the entire set, “The Poor Man’s Budget: A Five Week Course - Learning to live within your means”, and the Christmas release, “30 Days of Advent Colouring Journal”.
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Remember, when you buy ALL the books in this list, you are in effect, giving yourself TWO FREE BOOKS for Christmas! That’s a pretty decent Christmas gift don’t you think?


Here are the links:

Becoming the Bride of Christ: A Personal Journey: Mom's Little Black Book A Year in Prayer With Jesus One Year Prayer Journal
The Poor Man’s Budget: A Five Week Course: Learning to live within your means: Instructor's Manual 30 Day Advent Colouring Journal
Merry Christmas!

Celebrate Advent With the Entire Family This Christmas!

30 Days of Advent Colouring Journal - Ms. Marilynn Dawson

It is customary in many families and Churches to celebrate the season called Advent every December.  This is a time of waiting, of expecting, of anticipation, and of preparation as we get ready for the big day!  

“30 Days of Advent Colouring Journal” not only offers a unique way to celebrate Advent with your family, it also incorporates another treasured past-time among various denominations and family groups: The Jesse Tree.  The Jesse Tree introduces . . . the lives of various people who are featured in Jesus' earthly family tree.  Images to be coloured on each day are taken from The Jesse Tree and in some way represent the person or subject being covered on that day.

However, we aren't just reading and merely colouring our way through the Christmas season!  Each day bears Scripture, thoughts, and a question to ponder.  Opposite each colouring page, space is reserved for devotional thoughts as they come to you or a member of your family as you progress through the Christmas season.

May this Advent colouring journal bless you and yours this Christmas!


This book is available via Amazon right now!  Get it via 2-day shipping or Amazon Prime to have it before the weekend!

Fall Sales at Songdove Books

Fall has definitely kicked into gear around Songdove Books!

To begin with, we launched the Fall Back To School Book Bundle - 4 books for $74.9 when ordered directly through me, the author! This offer is not being offered anywhere but on my author blog and ends October 31st. You will receive up to 25% off the reguar retail price of other online retailers.  Click here to visit the actual promotion to find the exclusive buy link for this promo:



The second thing to happen this Fall is that we finally reached Month Six of the prayer cards based on "A Year in Prayer With Jesus"! Each deck contains either 30 or 31 days' worth of printable hi-res (300 dpi) prayer cards, 7 cards per day to match the seven prayer prompts in the book. These decks only cost $20 each, which is less than 20 cents per image. By most graphic artists' standards, that's a steal as they'd often charge at least $1 per card or more. However at that price, each monthly deck would cost well over $200! Multiply that by 12 months and the price would be $2,400!!! When I saw THAT figure, I squawked! Charging just $20 per monthly deck reduces the total outlay by the time you collect all 12 months, to just $240! That's much easier to swallow!



A section on my website will eventually contain all 12 months' worth of cards in a manner where you can buy just one or two or a small handful. They will be $1 each as downloads, and other prices as you turn them into cards or stickers or other options that are available. I still haven't found the best way to present them on the site yet. It appears that even standard screensaver technology still won't let you display certain cards at certain times of day either, so it's not just photo galleries not having this capability yet. I'll find it eventually.

In the meantime, I am pleased to announce that Month Six has finally been completed, and in celebration of getting half way through creating these printable card decks, the first three months are now on sale for 25% off! Use the following links to make use of this sale:

Month One: sale
Month Two: sale
Month Three: sale

This sale is only good for the length of time it takes me to complete the next three months' worth of printable prayer cards! So we'll see how long the next set takes to complete.

Welcome to the August 2015 Edition of Songdove Books Newsletter!

The final full week of August already!  I know many of you are wondering where the summer went, thinking you may have caught a glimpse of it in the corner of your eye as it whizzed past.  In my corner of the world, it was a hot, dry summer with more than its fair share of forest fires and cracked earth!  However, in spite of the heat, it was an adventurous summer as well.  Those of you staying up with my monthly newsletters will have learned about July's adventures already.

The adventures for August were closer to home, but prompted me to write about the joys and challenges of setting up my grown kids to make names for themselves in their own particular niches in life.  Those efforts are ongoing as we speak, but they began in earnest this summer.


Things stayed quiet on the book front until this very week when I launched a two month book bundle good from now through to October 31st.  The way the savings go, its as if you are getting two books in the bundle for FREE!  Due to how various retailers around the 'net have priced my books, this is more true than you might realize!  Get all the details here:

Month Five prayer cards for "A Year in Prayer With Jesus" are now completely scheduled through to September 10th.  That means I have to get my own tail and complete more months in the prayer card series.  It's been hard to concentrate on all the copy and pasting required to turn the book into this series with the weather being so hot this summer.  But I will get this series of prayer cards completed.  I promise!

These prayer cards will not be shared on LinkedIn any longer, as I can't force LinkedIn to accept both an image and a courtesy link via hootesuite, without the courtesy link taking over.  The focus is not to be the link, but the image.  So LinkedIn is now axed from seeing these cards.

When Month 6 is completed, Months 1 - 3 will go on sale at 25% off.  All decks, whether 30 days or 31 days, sell for $20 each and are useable as desktop backgrounds, in your screensaver app (randomly), or printed at 300 DPI on your colour printer.  You may purchase one copy for home, a second work, another for your office at church, etc.  If you have a Bible study group you wish to purchase for, contact me and we'll discuss special pricing.

Month One:
Month Two:
Month Three:
Month Four:
Month Five:

Another Book Project!

Efforts on my daughter's books are coming along, particularly one we are doing together where she will be listed as co-author in order to ensure that I have my facts straight and effective sources quoted.  This book is entitled, "Horsemanship According to Xenophon" and will not only feature the translated work as done by Morris H. Morgan in 1893, but include many of Morris's own translation notes.  Ashley and I are huge lovers of history, so with so many of Morris's notes giving historical context either for Xenophon's comments or Morris's own translations at times, the historical value was too great to pass up!  A cover for this book still has to be drafted, but the interior is so far coming along nicely.  This will be the equivalent to a softcover coffee-table book due to its size and the full-colour interior.  Many of the images in the book feature both Ashley and her horse,  Bella Svanna.  

Our goal for this book is to bring Xenophon's writings into the modern day first as Morris saw them in 1893 and then as we see and interpret them now.  Our presentation will draw from Ashley's 9+ years of experience around horses both caring for and riding them English-style, as well as quotes and references to manuals, guides and other sources showing the modern adaptation, interpretation and execution of many of Xenophon's admonitions from 350BC.

Due to his various references to how the Persians handled equestrian concerns, an additional writer's influence from 1350BC in the country of Mitanni is included in Chapter 4.  This is important to note as Mitanni was overtaken by the Hittite Empire; yes, that same empire that was driven out of Canaan when Israel moved in.  In turn, the Hittite Empire was overtaken by the Persian Empire against whom Xenophon joined the Greek army to fight long before he began writing.  Many authoritative references to Xenophon's works state that there doesn't exist any writings related to the care, feeding and training of the horse that survived prior to Xenophon's book.  I'd say 5 cuniform tablets from the ancient Hittite region certainly qualify as prior writings!  

So if you are into horses and into history, you'll want to stay tuned on the progress of this book!

News Related to the Songdove Books Affiliate Program

Have you signed up as a Songdove Books Affiliate yet? I know some of you like to share my books with your online friends from time to time, so why not get 20% kickback for your trouble?

Click2Sell and JVZoo only offer this percentage on my two e-courses, however the recent additions this summer of Gumroad and Payhip also let you earn this percentage on sales of my books too!

Check out this link on my site for more information.  Help me get word out about my books and e-courses, and get paid for every sale made from your efforts!


I'll close off today with encouragement to check the blog links below.  I've been saying that a lot in recent newsletters, but the truth is, that these newsletters have been coming out shortly after major thoughts have already been written.  Being one for efficiency, why write them twice, right?  My blog has been quite varied this summer ranging from devotonal thoughts to family life to at least one all-out rant!  I actually do rant occasionally.  Remember that I process things through my fingers on this keyboard.  That means when God is speaking, I process via writing, when I'm puzzling something out I'll process via writing, when an issue grates on me too strong I'll resort to writing about it to get it out of my system for awhile, etc.  So my blog is a reflection of these various types of writing this summer.  If you haven't stopped by in awhile, you'll want to click one of the posts below and then look at the left-hand sidebar near the top to see recent blog posts.  Alternatively, you can click the site banner to go to the home page and scroll down to see the variety of blog posts this summer produced.

Feel free to share any posts that resonate with you too.  Each posting has a row of share buttons across the bottom to help you do that.  It's a shorter newsletter this month, but we are heading into the Fall season now, so who knows what's in store as we move forward.

View past newsletters.

Latest Content on the Songdove Musings Blog:

Relationship with God: Which One Do You Most Identify With?

My blogging lately has not followed my personal devotions.  The first chapter of Joshua had already been written about at length earlier in June long before I'd even finished the book of Deuteronomy.  I confess that today, my thoughts are not in the book of Joshua either.  Instead, my thoughts are straying toward the concept of how we approach God …

"Back to School Bundle for the Entire Family!"

Yes, it IS that time of year again!  For some, classes are already in session.  For others, classes are due to resume following Labour Day in September.  Regardless of when children and teachers are returning to the classroom, its hard not to observe all the sales going on in the stores right now!  Paper, pencils, rulers, backpacks, calculators, cellphones and …

The Cyclist, The Motorist, and the Law! A Rant!

It happened again!  This time while taking my daughter to work at 6:15am!  Yet another cyclist thought that a) they were in their right to be on the vehicular side of the bike lane's white line, and b) in their right to be riding tandem with the cyclist who was obeying the law and staying in the center of their …

Fall Back To School Bundle for the Entire Family!

— feeling cool

Have your kids already returned to school?  Are you actively engaged in back-to-school preparations?  Songdove Books is offering a Back to School bundle for the entire family!  Click through to read more about it and to learn how you can take advantage of this book bundle until October 31st.

Welcome to the June 2015 Celebration Edition of Songdove Books Newsletter!

Welcome to the edition that generally heralds two major national holidays!  One of them sees a host of normally reserved people suddenly break out in red and white, bbq block parties, multicultural celebrations across the nation and fireworks displays by certified pyrotechnic teams.  The other holiday sees typically patriotic people putting on the red, white and blue, taking off to baseball games, breaking out the bbq and engaging in backyard fireworks displays for themselves and the rest of the street.  At both holidays flags are flown, worn, draped, hung, displayed as cakes, artwork, fruit trays and anything else that can be decorated in the national colours.  

I think by now, most of my readers know which two holidays I'm talking about, and they both take place next week!  I'm referring to Canada Day on July 1st when Canada celebrates it's 148th birthday, and Independence Day on July 4th, when the United States celebrates it's independence from the Crown of England.

To citizens of both countries, I wish you joyful, sober merry-making, and a time when you are able to gather with friends and family to remember the best of what both countries have to offer, giving thanks to God for granting us the mercies He has over the years and seeking His guidance going into another year as a nation.

These days, national leaders are more in need of God's wisdom, discernment, insight and foresight than ever before!  To my Canadian readers, remember that your Prime Minister is a fellow believer in Christ and is deeply in need of your prayers for God's wisdom to permeate his decisions.  He isn't a perfect leader, but no nation on the planet is able to make that claim.  Pray for your brother in Christ and for his family, that they will seek God in all they do.  Give thanks to God that our Prime Minister unequivocally stands by Israel when almost every other nation is against them.  In making this stand, our national leader has ensured God's blessings on our own land no matter what mistakes you may have trouble forgiving him for.  

To my US readers, I am seeing quite a bit of dismay at the things your federal government has been doing, and there is much discontent with your President in many circles of society.  Scripture commands us to pray for our leaders, and I urge you to pray for your President like never before!  Bombard heaven's gates to have God turn his head in the directions God wants him to go as Proverbs says God does.  Scripture says if we pray for our leaders, that we will invite God's blessings over our own lives and families.  So while it's currently quite popular to dump on Obama and his surrounding leadership, may I instead ask as we approach July 4th this year, that you take time to intercede, to repent on behalf of your nation and government, and seek God's face on behalf of those who lead your nation.  Stand in the gap and pray for wisdom, for guidance, for discernment, for insight for foresight, both for yourselves at home and for your government at all levels.  Examine your life, your hidden thoughts and hidden convictions, and seek God's cleansing and restoration for yourself, your family, your church and your community.  It is only as people allow God to move through the dark recesses of their individual lives that entire communities and even entire nations can be changed.  Gather in your prayer groups this July and fall on your knees before the only God who will hear and take action on your behalf.  May July 4th 2015 be known as the date when American fell to it's knees in humble repentance, and rescued a nation on the brink of disaster.

To those who live overseas, as you scan the news online or flip the channels on your television set, it is clear that there is trouble brewing worldwide at this time.  Unrest has taken over major areas of the globe as governments and religious groups try to crack down on those who do not follow their creeds.  As these scenes cross your screen, reach out a hand toward that screen and pray over those going through these troubling times.  Pray for comfort for those losing family members, pastors, and community leaders.  Pray for those committing such crimes and claim their souls for the Kingdom of God outloud so that they are unable to die until they have made Christ Lord.  Pray that the Holy Spirit will invade troublesome governments and tight-fisted regimes, that in these last days the name of the Lord will be lifted up.  Pray for peace, wisdom, guidance, discernment, insight and foresight for the governments and leaders at all levels right where you live.

Yes, this is a call to prayer.  This is a call to self-examination.  This is a call to surrender to the cleansing fire of the Holy Spirit so that you are free to do battle in the heavenly realms on behalf of those who can't.  This is a time for the army of Christ to stand up and be counted!  Nation after nation is falling prey to the forceful voices of sin demanding that their sin be legalized, accepted, respected, and not only tolerated but engaged by those who these voices know right well will not do so.  Christians in "free" countries are being dragged through courts and heavily penalized for standing up for their beliefs where once they used to be free to do so.  

Darkness is falling across the globe as we enter the wee hours before morning when Christ will return for His Church, the Bride of Christ.  The birth pangs as of a mother in labour according to Matthew 24, are upon us and getting closer and closer together.  The frequency of these pangs are causing some to think we have entered the Tribulation period, although Christ said these were only precursors to that time.  Even as precursors however, they are catching people off-guard.  They are creating panic and heartbreak and even the earth is not immune.  The saying goes that it's always darkest before dawn.  However it is also said that one small candle can light an entire room when that room is darkened.

We live in dark days that are only going to get darker and more troublesome before the great and terrible Day of the Lord comes.  The enemy of our souls knows his time is short and he has begun his offensive.  Christ when looking out across time to this period says Himself, will He find faith on the earth when He returns?  Indeed, will He?  Only you and I can answer that question for ourselves and for those we love.  Only we can engage in intercessory prayer for those God places on our hearts.  Only we can ensure our own hearts and minds and our own outward daily walk is upright and clean before the Father.  Only we can ensure that our Robes of Righteousness have been washed by the Word so that Christ can present us blameless to the Father.  

Remember that your heart-felt prayers are powerful!  Not because of what you say, but because of Who is listening!  Lastly, remember Psalm 91. . . Read it before you go to bed tonight, and read it often in the days to come.  Create a poster and copy and paste the passage into it, print it and post it on your kitchen or living room wall for all to see as the days get darker.  If you were tried in a court of law, would there be enough evidence to brand you a Child of the King?  Take time this coming week of celebration, to make sure you will be celebrating your citizenship in Heaven.

Seasonal News

June was marked by one major word for this author this year. . . GRADUATION!!!  As a soundtech at my church, I do events at various times of the year.  This month I did three graduation ceremonies, one for a nursing school and two high school graduation ceremonies.  These were followed by a middle school awards night.  Amongst all that were two funerals, which were graduations of a sort all their own.  I'm not sure where one graduated to, but the other for sure graduated into Heaven.  Two copies of "Mom's Little Black Book: Godly Advice for the High School Graduate" sold this month as well, bringing the final total to somewhere around 33 books being given to grads this year.  It is my prayer that this little book blesses each and every graduate receiving it, long into their young adult years and beyond.

Prayer Cards From "A Year in Prayer With Jesus"

"A Year in Prayer With Jesus" prayer cards continued, with month's three and four added to the list over at  I need to schedule month four into hootesuite but finally have the picture versus link figured out.  Now the focus is where it should be, which is on each prayer card every five minutes from 7am Pacific time to 7:30am PST.  These are being shared via      
-and my author profile on G+. (although twitter users must click the FB link to see the images).  I've begun work on month five, but as you can imagine, life has been busy and I have either been too exhausted, or had other things to keep track of.

Month One:
Month Two:
Month Three:
Month Four:


It's interesting as I look back over the past month, that subjects God's had me writing about on my blog tie in so closely with what I felt I had to write in this newsletter tonight.  Obedience, Gratitude, reverence for God's Word, guarding our heart, and remembering the nature of God Himself.  I would strongly urge, if you don't already follow my blog as sporadic as it is, that you take time to read the blog posts shared at the end of this newsletter this month.  Some of the posts below contain links to other posts because it made more sense to share previous blog post links than to write everything out all over again.

So grab a cold tall iced tea and plate of your favourite summer snacks, and take time to read through these articles.  In light of all that is going on in the world, the Church around the globe, and in our very own lives, these thoughts are timely and challenging.

One more article that isn't below, but that I pray encourages many of you, will be seen in the sidebar of any article you click on.  "I am thy part and thine inheritance".  Take a gander at that one as well.  You won't regret it.

May God go with you into the coming week.

View past newsletters.

Latest Content on the Songdove Musings Blog:

Deuteronomy 4: Of Words, Hearts and the Nature of God

As I read through the Bible again, one chapter per day, I now come to the book of Deuteronomy and when it comes to firsts, the fifth book of the Torah does not disappoint.  Chapter four brings with it not one, not two, but three admonishments that we see sprinkled throughout Scripture and are more likely to recognize from other …

Gratitude - A Many-Splendored Thing!

What is "Gratitude"?  According to Gratitude is "the quality or feeling of being grateful or thankful".  According to Collins English Dictionary: Gratitude is "a feeling of thankfulness or appreciation, as for gifts or favours".  When I look up the word in Nave's Bible Dictionary, I am told to look at the word Thankfulness.  Gratitude then, is a form of …


Obedience: A Many-Splendored Thing!

Anyone who has followed my blog long enough, will know that I have written at various times about how obedience shows the Triune God that we love Him! Blog posts such as: Genesis 22: Obedience Leads to Blessings: Exodus 19:5 Now therefore, if ye will obey my voice, and keep my covenant, then ye shall be a peculiar treasure unto …

Welcome to the May 2015 Graduation Edition of Songdove Books Newsletter!

Mom's Little Black Book: Godly Advice for the High School Graduate - Marilynn Dawson A Year in Prayer With Jesus - Ms Marilynn Dawson

Anyone know where May took off to???  As I write this, the calendar says May 27th and June 1st is on Monday!  So I'm sitting here realizing it's time for yet another monthly newsletter. . . Could have sworn I wrote one just a couple weeks ago. . .

One thing's for sure, May's focus has been GRADUATION!

Seasonal News

The biggest event of the month was probably the discovery of 26 copies of "Mom's Little Black Book: Godly Advice for the High School Graduate" flying off the Amazon shelves!  That brings the total paperback copies of this book sold to 31 this year!

31 graduates will receive this from loved ones in their life seeking to offer unspoken assistance as they cross the stage from school into the big wide world!  I've been told this is a great book to send kids off to college with too.

Prayer Cards From "A Year in Prayer With Jesus"


The second event to have me both relieved and excited about, is that the prayer cards for "A Year in Prayer With Jesus" have resumed production now that I have more hard drive space, and I was able to schedule month two, and both start AND complete month three, complete with scheduling in hootesuite!  All three months are now available as hi-res downloadable printables on  Month four is now in the works and when that's done, I'll be a solid third of the way through!  It really is a relief to be working on this project again!  

The remainder of Month Two and Month three begin resumed daily morning postings on June 1st.  You'll be able to catch them every five minutes starting at 7am via my author page on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and my author profile on G+.  Those versions of the prayer cards however, are only 72dpi (web quality) and not very suitable for printing.  You can however, share them as far and wide online as you wish, if you so choose.  Just keep the cards intact for copyright reasons.

The $20 price of each printable deck over at gumroad works out to less than 20 cents per hi-res image.  While many graphics artists will scream at so little per image, this is my attempt to make printing them more affordable for you, as ink and paper aren't cheap either.

Month One:
Month Two:
Month Three:

Promotional News

Locations online where Songdove Books may be found grew again this month.  All four ebooks can now be purchased from Best Indie Book Store.  Needless to say, if you haven't already, you'll want to review the Songdove Books Presents: list of where to buy around the world to see if you favourite store is there yet or not.

The list is both growing and shrinking, as a UK site removed their ebook section this year as well.

I won't bore you by listing all the current locations in this newsletter, just click over to the site to peruse at your convenience.


As usual, God's provisions never cease to amaze me.  I have wrapped up the "heavy lifting" for a client's website and brand new social media presence and am now handling things back on a maintenance basis.  That client almost single-handedly covered my desired monthly earnings for most of 2015 so far.  As that began winding down, soundtech events at my church began picking up!  Several events in April and May combined with an unknown donor's gift back in April, have ensured things keep rolling in this house.  Funerals, concerts, a wedding. . . A sound tech never knows what they'll be doing next around my church.  June will see me doing three graduation ceremonies as well.  

The large number of grad gift sales this Spring has meant I'll be due for my first Createspace royalty cheque come the end of June as well!  Since first publishing in 2012, this is a BIG deal!  I've sold books via other outlets over the past few years, but Createspace has a very large minimum amount before they will cut you a cheque, so I'm thrilled to be getting my first cheque from them at the end of June!  

Createspace isn't the only one to be sending me a cheque either.  I am looking forward to getting my first payout from at the end of this month as well!  I haven't had as much time to engage in freelance writing this year, so it's great to see the writing I have done start to pay off.  So much of my writing isn't designed to earn a penny and appears on my blog, my facebook and LinkedIn notes areas, or even my private profile notes.  But whenever it's possible to use my gifting not merely to share, but to put milk in the fridge too, that's a big deal!

For those who might be wondering, my health has improved to a point and plateaued there for much of 2015.  I do get setbacks every now and then, and my mornings the week of this newsletter have been "dragging" physically, mentally and emotionally.  I don't know if it's the heat already, as the Okanagan is already spending more time in the mid to high 20's (celcius), or if it's sleep issues, as I get interrupted every morning to take my daughter to work, or if it's just my body's response to being busier and me not finding the new boundaries yet.  It's great to generally have more energy to do stuff, because that allows me to be more productive around the house, take on more work, etc.  Just pray I'm not overdoing it and that I'll discover where my boundaries are at this stage of healing and not cross them till I'm ready to.

Blog posts continue as I go through the Bible from front to back in my personal devotions.  An interesting thought came to me as I read Numbers 18 a few days ago.  You'll want to read that.  So often we think God's holding out on us when He chooses not to bless us with things or situations or circumstances that we feel we've done our part to receive.  There might be a higher reason why those things have apparently been denied.  Read on to discover how all this played out in my personal devotions.

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Numbers 18: . . . I am thy part and thine inheritance. . .

Numbers 18:20  And the LORD spake unto Aaron, Thou shalt have no inheritance in their land, neither shalt thou have any part among them: I am thy part and thine inheritance among the children of Israel. During a time when, as Israel was stumbling quite badly getting into the groove of all God had just handed down to them in …

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Numbers 12: Murmuring and Railing Against God's Anointed!

Not all firsts mentioned in the Torah were beneficial firsts.  There was the first murder in Genesis, the first turning away to another god in Exodus, the first act of strange fire in Leviticus, and now the first act of openly railing against one of God's anointed here in Numbers.  Each of these unfortunate firsts carried with them drastic consequences.  …

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Leviticus 25 and the Subject of Redemption (kinsman redeemer)

For everything there is a purpose, and a time and season under the heaven.  This is a slight paraphrase to a well-known passage out of Ecclesiastes, and a nod to the song popular back in the late 60's/early '70's, Turn Turn Turn. I bring this up today, because of having landed in Leviticus 25. Leviticus 25 is one of those …

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Songdove Books Newsletter! April 2015 Testimony Time!

Approaching the end of April already!  Can you believe that???  Does spring finally look like SPRING where you are, or do you live in Saskatchewan or Ft. St. John in northern BC where they're still talking about snow?!

My pastor just came back from Northern BC and they have a new name for the white stuff falling out of the sky.  They call it"White Rain"!  I suppose that's about as creative as the phrase we used to have for rain where I grew up: "Liquid Sunshine".  Does your region have a pet saying for the weather?
Seasonal News

April was quiet in the book front, other than three paperback copies of "Mom's Little Black Book: Godly Advice for the High School Graduate" going out the door.  One actually sold near the end of March, one around mid-April and one earlier this week.  That's three graduates walking the stage and being armed with both Scripture and practical advice as they head out into the world.  Do you have any graduates in your family, school or church?

The paperback can be found on Amazon and a number of other online locations.  Some have bought the PDF, but feel the book is better appreciated in-hand as opposed to on a digital device.  As digital as coming generations are becoming, there's still something special about certain things in print.

Promotional News

One of the sites where four of my ebooks in epub format can be found, offers a discount if you share a book's link to Facebook or Twitter.  A new site that let's me offer you the PDF versions of ALL my books, will let you share to Twitter or Facebook as well.  Both sites will give you up to 25% off for sharing the book link to Facebook or Twitter.  

Payhip however, also offers fans who would want to promote an author's books on their own sites, the ability to do so and earn a commission.  If you'd like to help promote the PDF version of my books, I'll give you 30% commission for every book sold.  

Payhip's affiliate system adds to the Songdove Books Affiliate Program, extending it beyond the two e-courses now, and into the realm of selling PDF copies of my books. 

Payhip however, wasn't the only new outlet to enter my list of places around the world where my books are available.  Another location also became available this week, the same night I discovered Payhip actually.  This online location offers both the paperback and PDF versions of my books.  The new store is over at Sqeeqee.  My series, Becoming the Bride of Christ: A Personal Journey is being offered in PDF as a complete set download.  All 6 books and the leader's guide, combined into one large PDF document!

Sqeeqee has also made it into the reviews column at:  as members are able to leave comments on shop items.  

Check out the new online retailers!


Production News, otherwise known as TESTIMONY TIME!!!

While not much happened as far as promotional or marketing efforts were concerned: no contests, no blog tours, no giveaways etc, one event did take place on the back end of life here at Songdove Books, that will now let me carry on with two book-related projects.  As most of you already know, hard drive space was at a premium and got to unworkable levels by the time I had to halt my prayer cards and halt recording my series.  At one point, it seemed as if God might provide the extra space via another author, but for reasons I haven't felt at liberty to enquire over, it didn't happen.  When someone offers the potential for a gift, you don't beg.  A gift isn't a gift when it's pestered for.  So I began asking God again how I was going to even manage client creative tasks for my day job, let alone for my two book-related projects.  A couple weeks after that round of prayer, my daughter's laptop died!!!

Normally, when a piece of relied-upon equipment goes like that, the average response is to get upset.  Rather than get upset, my daughter asked to pay me back.  We located a few units at online stores for local retail outlets, and went to check them out in person.  What happened next is completely a God thing!  Unbeknownst to us, someone on the other side of Canada two months ago, had bought a particular laptop thinking they were buying a high-end unit with screaming-good specs!  They got the screaming-good specs, but failed to take into account that the unit's hardware was built for power rather than speed.  The unit had been returned to the store here in Kelowna!  The unit had sat on the tech's bench for roughly a month, with the entire store's staff eyeing it on occasion, but no one really wanting to dive further into why it might have been returned, were there any hardware issues with it, etc?  So we walk into this store completely unaware of this laptop in the back.

While we were browsing laptops, a guy comes over to ask how we're doing, did we need any help, etc.  We share what my daughter was after, talk brands and specs, and it becomes obvious to this guy that I am a computer tech and that my daughter has picked up on my knowledge and talks like the child of a tech.  This leads him to do something he doesn't normally do and share about the laptop in the back, particularly because I'd expressed amazement and how well I am impressed with the brand.  We end up learning about the above laptop and how it's one generation behind the one on the floor.  We learn how it was brought in to this store, and that the unit appeared to have a win8 BSOD of some kind.  The guy was willing to offer it to us below cost if we were willing to a) accept it as final sale, and b) refurbish it ourselves, as we "sounded like we knew what we were doing", which is true.  My daughter bought it after I insisted on putting it through some paces.

We got the laptop home, and after well over 4hrs of updates, updating to win8.1, and figuring out how to do a backup from the MS servers to DVD, my daughter has a perfectly fine working laptop that only seems to throw up a BSOD occasionally because of AVG.  I have discovered in the past, that win8.x doesn't seem to play well with 3rd party antivirus programs, so I wasn't surprised after she put AVG on there and another BSOD showed up.  Her own laptop had lost power somewhere on the motherboard, although the motherboard's own power light would come on, so she gave me it's hard drive!

Thanks to that lengthy story, I have 450gb worth of space to use, and transfering my existing data folder over to it only took roughly 80+ gb.  So there's lots of room to resume the prayer cards and resume recording my series!  I should be good for storage space now for the next while.

Anyone local to Kelowna will not be able to learn who the store was that we dealt with, because as the store manager observed, (yes, it turns out the guy we were dealing with WAS the store manager!) we were a "special case" because we had the technical know-how to get the unit going again.  We were even given the head tech's business card if I had questions.  Come to think of it, I should be contacting them for no other reason than for a) not brushing off my knowledge, as so often happens in places like this, b) selling us a really nice unit, and c) tell them it's working GREAT!

How's that for an answer to prayer?!  The best part of it???  My daughter's income tax return is DOUBLE the price of the laptop!!!  God is so good!!!

How has God worked things, people and scenarios to answer prayer in your life?

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Welcome to the Passion Week edition of Songdove Books Newsletter!

The end of another month already!  As I begin writing this, it's Saturday night, the eve before Palm Sunday on the Christian Calendar.  Thoughts turn to Passion Week, Passover, Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday.  How do you celebrate this coming week?  

In our house, we began celebrating a Christian and somewhat shortened version of Passover when my kids were small.  I'd intended to add to it as they got older, but the book I'd borrowed moved away and I can no longer remember the title.  The intention however, has not diminished.  There are so many correlations between that first Passover and what Christ came to do for us, that engaging in this bit of ceremony and feast reminds us every year, of why Christ came and what He came to do.  There is even a part of the Messianic ceremony at the end of the feast, that celebrates Christ rising from the dead.  Is my household Messianic? No, but we do recognize the Jewish nature of our Lord and Saviour, and show our respect for that with this celebration.  This week's shopping trip will partly be spent on the fixings for that special meal.

Many people engage in special Scripture readings throughout Passion Week, and I received a package in the mail from the Canadian Bible Society containing a card with a list of Scriptures and suggested prayers at various points throughout the coming week.  They included Easter greeting cards as well.  I was a bit surprised by that.  Who do you know that hands out Easter-themed greeting cards??!!  No one I know. . . but as it turns out, only one of them was truly themed around the Resurrection, leaving the others to be used as nice note cards for the future.

I always look forward to Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday.  To me, these days and their significance are why Christmas happened.  For many churches, my own included, this weekend unfortunately tends to take a back seat to the amount of effort, build-up toward, and focus of this Christian holiday.  For myself, that's backwards.  As exciting and glittery as Christmas tends to be (never mind that first Christmas was anything but), the very fact that we have been granted entrance into the Holy of Holies through the shed Blood of Jesus on the Cross of Calvary, should be enough to get every born-again Christian more than willing to make the most of next weekend.  

When God was impressing on me the nature of the Bride of Christ, and how the Church should be longing for reunion with their Heavenly Bridegroom, a poem came to me that my Pastor shared that Easter:

Bride Price
Copyright 2010 Marilynn Dawson

Eyes of love
Closed in pain
Opened to gaze on you

Arms outstretched
Nails pierced
Eyebrows stained for you

Blood and water
Broken heart
Such love poured out to you

Do you see it?
Do you feel it?
Has He captured you?

Cup of wine
Piece of bread
A speech to those He loves

Garden prayer
Romans stare
Lashes thorns and Cross

Veil Torn
Empty tomb
Christ rising in the air

Bridal price
Father's smile
A promise to return

Do you see it?
Do you feel it?
Has He captured you?

Do you see it?
Do you feel it?
The price He paid for you?

Do you see it?
Do you feel it?
The love for which He died?

Do you see it?
Do you feel it?
His Love His Church His Bride?

What do you do in your household to bring solid focus and celebration of all Christ came to do for us during this time on the Calendar?  

Grad Season is Approaching!

Grad season is not quite upon us yet, but will be gearing up over the course of April until it reaches full force in May with graduation ceremonies taking place one after the other until the end of July, depending on where you live in the world.  But already,  a copy of "Mom's Little Black Book: Godly Advice for the High School Graduate" sold to someone in Denver Colorado just this past week.

If you are looking for an affordable grad gift under $20, then you'll want to head to my website (linked above) where you can get it for just $10, and $7 shipping and handling.  On Amazon and other locations, the paperback runs for $12 or less, depending on vender store-wide sales and discounts.  So at times, you may even get it for cheaper at those locations than what I sell it for myself.

If you are wanting to buy it in bulk for your youth group, or for your young adults group heading off to college, contact me to find out more precise shipping for a bulk order to your location.

Spending Time in Prayer with the Lover of Your Soul

There hasn't been much feedback on the first 50 days of 2015 where I shared prayer card images from "A Year in Prayer With Jesus".  All efforts have halted on that project due to hard drive limitations.  The first month's worth of cards is available on for $20 as a downloadable set of high-quality printables.  Eventually, I hope to have the entire book in prayer card format.  

This coming Easter Weekend is actually a great time to begin your own year in prayer with Jesus.  The book in paperback can be purchased online for $25.50 or as an ebook for $9.99.  The ebook displays best on a laptop or computer screen, as some ebook readers struggle with the large size of the main part of the book.  Because of areas after each prayer point where you can write in your own thoughts, my recommendation is to have the book in print anyway.

This is an undated book so that Day One can begin literally on any calendar date of the year!

Check out this video to get a feel for how to engage with The Lord's Prayer at a deeper level this year.

Dressed for Eternity

Resurrection Sunday would be a great time to dive into the book, "Dressed for Eternity" as well.  Available as an ebook at $9.99, or in full-colour paperback for $36.00 from me and more from other online locations, this book takes you through a detailed discussion of Aaron's Breastplate, the New Jerusalem foundations, the priestly clothing, the annointing oil's composition, jewelry in Exekiel, and so much more!  Learn how God adorns His Bride in the Scriptures as you prepare yourself for being united with Jesus Christ, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, and the Celestial Bridegroom coming for His Bride.

Becoming the Bride of Christ: A Personal Journey

My own journey learning how to live life as the Bride of Christ began in 2007, and I've captured a fair bit of the bootcamp portion of this journey in my series, "Becoming the Bride of Christ: A Personal Journey".  So many lessons, discoveries, revelations, and challenges. . . The volumes in this series are all sold individually anywhere they are found online from my website to Amazon and other online locations.  Because they have questions and places for notes, I recommend getting the paperback version.  The entire series, including a Leader's Guide, costs roughly $56 before shipping and handling, depending on where you shop.


March didn't see any special promotions going on.  No contests took place.  It was a quiet month on the book front in general.  Not so quiet on the blog however, as you'll see in the blog snippets below.  I pray that God meets you this Sunday, and this coming week in an extra special way.  May you see Christ's sacrifice for your sins in a whole new light and be struck once again with the impact of what He did for you.

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Review of: "I Choose Hope" by Nikki Abramson

I Choose Hope (B&W) - Nikki Min Yeong Abramson

“I Choose Hope” by Nikki Abramson is an eye-opener to say the least.  This is a story of struggle, a story of frustration, a story of questions without answers, and yet also a story of encouragement, a story of the stabilizing power of faith in Jesus Christ, and a story of overcoming.


A harsh critic of the book might point out all the correctly spelled misplaced words appearing here and there throughout the book.  They might point out how she repeats the exact same thought within mere sentences of each occasional occurrence, or how it appears at times as if this book has given her a platform to vent.  However, by the time you reach the end of the book, you discover not only who is writing it, but perhaps be forgiven for overlooking any literary shortcomings out of desire to extend the same kind of mercy and grace that she longs to show to others.


In some of her venting moments of this book, the reader is given a rare glimpse inside the mind and heart of an adoptee.  Knowing friends who have adopted not one, but two children themselves, I could see some of their efforts in raising their children in Nikki’s descriptions of how her parents raised her.  If you are an adoptee yourself, or raising children adopted from another country and culture, you too may see yourself in these pages and perhaps as an adoptee, finding yourself both relieved and amazed that someone else has finally given voice to what you dared not share with anyone in the past.


As the reader will quickly find out, adoption would turn out to be the least of her concerns, as various rare but almost debilitating medical conditions found her one by one.  The mere fact she is alive to write this book, has been reason enough for the friends and mentors in her life to insist she tell her story!  In fact, as she prepares to share her story, she is now dealing with ALL of her various medical conditions at the same time.  You’ll understand why this is so amazing when you read this book for yourself.


Some of her more common issues I actually deal with myself on a regular basis.  Things like allergy-based asthma, which it sounds like her doctors have misdiagnosed too, just like doctors did for me years ago, the treatment is not the same as regular asthma, similar, but not the same.  In fact I had to swear off my asthma meds when I discovered that the second puffer was a corticosteroid, which suppresses the adrenal system!  As one recovering from and still dealing with adrenal fatigue (which Nikki describes but doesn’t name during her descriptions of her latest malady), the last thing I wanted to do was continue to damage my adrenal system.  I’ve found a natural antihistamine that helps the sinuses and upper respiratory system, but nothing yet to replace the lung medication.  Spring and Fall are now my two worst times of the year as a result.

Needless to say, I have the unfortunate ability to identify with some of her health struggles.


The real encouragement in the book for me, is hearing how growing up in Church gave her a solid foundation; hearing how prayer groups, prayer partners, and Bible College staff and students spoke into her life and encouraged her.


We don’t always understand why God allows various things to happen in our lives, but when we realize that perhaps, those things are happening to us not to deliberately cause us unending torture, but to be there for others along the way, our ability to manage what God has allowed grows in leaps and bounds!  Nikki has found this to be true in her own life, as her choice of hope gave her the kind of bubbly personality that lifted the spirits of everyone she came in contact with.


It is my prayer that God will give Nikki many more fruitful years.  I pray that God will miraculously touch her various maladies and that each of them will disappear from her life one by one.  I pray that those who come into contact with her will not merely see an overcomer, but see Who has helped her to become such an overcomer, that they will see Christ in her and come to know the One who has given her such strength and stamina in spite of all she faces.


What are you going through right now?  Have you swallowed the bitter pill of self-pity and fist-shaking at God, or have you caught a glimpse of the life-changing power touching others through your current situation?  May I encourage you, as Nikki will in her book, to choose hope, choose Christ, and choose the path of uplifting others regardless of what is going on in your own life, mind, heart and maybe even your physical body.  Nikki joins the ranks of such authors as Joni Eareckson Tada, Nick Vujicic and others who have been dealt hard cards in the game of life, and yet gone on to encourage millions in ways they never would have if God had allowed them to be healthy and whole.  Remember, your situation may not be for your benefit, but the benefit of someone else.  I encourage you to go get yourself a copy of Nikki’s book, “I Choose Hope” from  You won’t regret it!

Songdove Books Newsletter - February 2015

Dressed for Eternity - Marilynn Dawson A Year in Prayer With Jesus - Ms Marilynn Dawson Mom's Little Black Book: Godly Advice for the High School Graduate - Marilynn Dawson Practical Thoughts on Becoming an Author - Marilynn Dawson

Welcome to the February edition of Songdove Books Newsletter!

First off, let me welcome all the new faces since January!  Songdove Books held an impromptu Valentine's Week Giveaway February 7th to the 14th, with one special name picked randomly on the 14th to win an ePub version of "Dressed for Eternity".  Any entrants that granted me their email address, were added to the monthly newsletter.  As usual, if you don't wish to receive this newsletter, you are free to unsubscribe at the bottom of the newsletter.  New subscribers are given the opportunity to receive my ebook, "Practical Thoughts on Becoming an Author" for free as a thankyou for signing up for this newsletter.  The coupon code for Smashwords is in the welcome email itself.

Second, let me say a HUGE THANKYOU to everyone praying for my financial situation!!!  January and February have seen more income come in than I've had for most of the past 6 months!  The prayer now is to have that continue into the coming year and beyond.  The great thing about the current income is that it only takes a few hours to meet my desired daily minimum or more, and I can call my own hours.  So needless to say, I'm feeling very blessed and filled with thankfulness and gratitude for how God is providing right now!

Love Month Promotion

As mentioned above, we held an impromptu Valentine's Week Giveaway for an ePub copy of "Dressed for Eternity".

Each day for 7 days, excerpts, a video and a slideshare presentation were shared.  You can find the slideshare presentation in the blog post link here (  Clicking that blog post will show you more of the week's postings as well in the lefthand sidebar of the site.

The paperback version of the book generally sells for anywhere from $49 - $68 at online retailers.  However, if you order directly from me ( or New Christian Books (, you get the paperback for $36.00, roughly $20 off the regular retail price.  The ebook sells for $9.99 at the various online retailers carrying it.

Make a New Habit for Lent and Beyond!

If you're looking for a new way to spend your quiet time this year, let me suggest picking up your own copy of "A Year in Prayer With Jesus" whether in paperback, PDF, mobi or epub formats.

This is an undated book so that Day One can begin literally on any calendar date of the year!

Check out this video ( to get a feel for how to engage with The Lord's Prayer at a deeper level this year.

Grad Season is Approaching!

In just three month's time, another big milestone is going to be upon us!  Graduation season!!!  Why not consider beating the rush, and getting one or more copies of "Mom's Little Black Book: Godly Advice for the High School Graduate" now instead of later?  It goes for roughly $12.00 at most online retailers.  Eight graduates received it as gifts last year.





Had to share this with my newsletter readers!  I just had a student recently take the course through their own JVZoo affiliate link.  When I paid them their commission, they were surprised, and sent me this gorgeous handmade bookmark!  This student is an author as well, and she makes these bookmarks to sell on her website.  Her husband recently made her raise the price from $3.00 to $4.50!  If you want one, let me know and I'll get you in touch with her!

The Songdove Books Affiliate Program, which is aimed at getting word out about the two e-coourses that are offered through the website, now includes both the Click2Sell affiliate network, and the JVZoo Affiliate Network.  Earn $3.50 per sale of either course sold through your own affiliate-tracked link.  I've begun a separate newsletter for Songdove Books Affiliates and waiting for those currently signed on, to add their names to this newsletter ( so I can start keeping them in touch every month just as I keep you in touch with all that goes on in the world of Songdove Books.  So if you want to get in on the act and help me promote these two e-courses, go to the affiliate program page here (, pick your preferred network, then grab the related links and media to help you get started.


We've reached the end of "the love month", and now we look forward to St. Patrick's Day in March, and on to Resurrection Sunday in April.  We are on our way, entering the month leading up to Christ's betrothal of the Church, otherwise known as The Last Supper.

Did you tell Christ you love Him this month?  Did He get a valentine's gift from you?  How did you go about showing Him that more than anyone or anything else around you, He has your heart?

For myself, I decided to make an adjustment to how I go about my days.  Due to my health being what it is, I endeavour to ensure that I get in 8hrs of sleep every night.  This generally means starting my day by 8:30am or 9am depending on how well I slept the night before and how many times my sleep was interrupted either by washroom stops, or the kids getting up and around to begin their day.  My son begins his day around 5am and my daughter begins her day 45 minutes later.  She wakes me up to drive her to work, and then I come home to return to bed for another hour or two so that I can add up 8 actual hours of sleep.  Nights when I'm dead to the world will see me begin my day by 8am, but those night's don't come often enough.

So the adjustment I chose to make, was that when I turn my computer on and take my morning natural antihistamine, instead of opening my browser and checking messages and such right away, I will also open e-Sword, and engage in morning quiet time with just me and the Lover of my soul, Jesus Christ.  I'll spend some quiet time in gratitude and prayer and just "being" in His presence, then turn to e-Sword to ready the next chapter as I go through the Bible again from beginning to end.  I read Exodus chapter 31 today.

The danger of making my devotional time first thing in the morning, is that if I journal/blog about what I read, it can be an hour or more before I get to my work for the day. . . and that includes making time for breakfast too.  It's a good thing I can work in my PJ's, because I can push off "washing up" till I have to go out, allowing me to be more productive right after my devotional/breakfast time than I otherwise might be.

I began this change when I realized that for now, that time of day is relatively unchanging for me.  It is a time of day that I can set aside and engage with God on a more regular basis than if I waited for a more ideal time later on.  I believe in giving God a portion of the most productive part of my day, unfortunately, that equals times of day when everyone else wants a piece of me too!

Mornings  honestly aren't the best time mentally or physically, and sometimes that translates into emotionally either, but mornings are currently the only regular time of day I can offer.  God appears to be honouring this sacrifice too, and doesn't seem to mind holding me as I wake up in His presence.  Usually by the time clients begin calling me, at least my devotional time is largely wrapped up, whether or not I've had breakfast yet.

So I'm doing what I can regarding the needed rest my body requires, engaging in the newfound time frame for deliberately setting time aside with God rather than fitting it in whereever I can, and engaging in techsupport for my day job's clientelle as well!  God is bringing in the work, and whether that is a result of all of your prayers on my behalf, or whether God is honouring my desire to spend time with Him regardless of my mental/emotional/physical state at the time, either way, work is coming in and I am incredibly grateful!

We show God we love Him by choosing to spend time with Him, by following Christ's example to set ourselves apart every day to be just with Him alone, and by our obedience to His commands as He directs in John 14.

Have you made changes to show God your love for Him?  Care to share?

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Announcing the Valentine’s Week Giveaway!

Songdove Books - Pink RosesToday is February 7th! Do you know what that means??? It means a very special day is fast approaching! This is perhaps, more than any other date on the calendar, the most polarizing observance in the western world! Couples love it! Singles hate it! But whether attached or unattached, Christians have a reason to celebrate the idea of this observance all year 'round! Yes, I know that last statement sounds a lot like what we hear at Christmastime, but no, clearly we are beyond the Christmas celebrations.


I am speaking of Valentine's Day! This day was set aside in honour of a man who legend says was the first person to ever send a card to a lover. The catholic church sainted him and at some point in history, this day was set aside to honour his memory by sending cards and gifts to those we love.


The reason I suggest that Christians, whether attached to someone else or not, can engage in this celebration, is because we have an eternal Bridegroom waiting for the Father's signal to return for His Bride, which is made up of those in the Church who have both watched and prepared themselves for His coming.


Cover Art for Dressed for Eternity


"Dressed for Eternity" introduces the reader to an ancient ritual in the Jewish marriage custom that God patterns Christ's behaviour after with regards to the Church. Following this introduction, the book takes the reader on a trip through history, archeology, Scripture, and scientific observation to delve more deeply into how God adorns His Bride in the Scriptures.


Why did God choose the stones He did? What purpose or meaning could be behind His choice of garments, footwear and jewelry? Is there significance in how He stated the Levitical priests should dress and do the precious stones of the New Jerusalem's foundation have anything to contribute?





This year, why not find out for yourself?

Songdove Books - Valentine's Week Promotion - Dressed for Eternity Beginning today, February 7th, there will be a week-long rafflecopter giveaway for one free epub copy of "Dressed for Eternity". Each day this week there will be presentations from the book, beginning with a small one year celebration of the launch of this book a year ago on February 8th 2014. We'll wrap up with a slideshow presentation the day before the draw takes place on the 14th. During this week, "Dressed for Eternity" will be available from select online retailers either in paperback or in e-book formats, all at discounted prices.


Stay tuned for today's inaugural post and be ready to enter the giveaway! You'll have multiple ways to enter, and you may engage in each them once per day to increase your chances of winning this book. I look forward to celebrating with you!


a Rafflecopter giveaway


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Welcome to Songdove Books Newsletter: January 2015

A Year in Prayer With Jesus - Ms Marilynn Dawson Dressed for Eternity - Marilynn Dawson Mom's Little Black Book: Godly Advice for the High School Graduate - Marilynn Dawson

Well look at that!

We've already made one major success this year!  We completed the month of January 2015!  You read that right, the first month of the brand new year, 2015, is now OVER!  How does it feel?  What goals had you set for this month?  Did you reach them?  Did you get half way?  Did they get written down? Did they peak into your thoughts on New Year's and then dash off as fast as they could run?

Reaching the end of January 2015 has been a mixed bag for me.  Prayer cards for "A Year in Prayer With  Jesus" had some glitches to start out the year, ironed out those glitches and then ran into hard drive space problems resulting in only getting scheduled to February 19th.  If all goes as offered, that storage issue might get resolved by the end of the February, perhaps early March, and then the prayer cards can resume.  So there might be a few weeks when nothing gets shared at 7am every morning via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

The hard drive issues really reared their ugly heads when I began recording the audio sessions for "Becoming the Bride of Christ: A Personal Journey", in earnest!  I got to the end of Chapter Three of Volume One, when space suddenly reached premium status!  So that project is on hold now as well until we approach the month of March.

Praying about paying down my debt load resulted in interest-dodging taking the form of a new van consolidating a number of my debts into a single payment taking place every two weeks.  Now the prayers for regular income need to step up, because that bi-weekly payment is the equivalent of my previous car payment, plus one of the major debt's monthly payments cut in half!  Don't worry about the math, I'm not giving you any figures anyway.  

However, income for the month of January picked up to the point where I've now had more work this month, than at any time this past Fall!  Pray this continues going forward so that I can maintain my financial obligations.  If this all works out, I'll have the vast majority of my debt-load paid off in 8 years.  A separate debt will be paid off in just under 3yrs now.  Yes, you can guess by now that my New Year's goal was to get more work, finish the prayer cards, and finally get my series into audio format! Oh! And lower my debt load!  That lowering so far has taken shape in the form of lower interest rates!

As if that wasn't surprising enough, being able to engage in interest-dodging via a 2014 Dodge Minivan, (ha ha, get it? interest-dodging, dodge. . . ) a client call related to my "day job" as a computer repair tech, ended up with me coming home with a Blackberry Playbook!  Thanks to learning about a Chrome playbook management extension, I now have it set up to read my own ebooks!  I finally get to see what YOU see when you purchase my ebooks and put them on your ereader!  Up to this point, I could only use emulators such as Adobe Digital Editions or Calibre to view my ebooks on my computer.  While that let me know the books worked as designed and looked reasonably how I wanted them to, emulators still are not the real thing.  I also observed that my latest paperback, "A Year in Prayer With Jesus", reads fine as an epub on the computer, but on my ereader app at least, the center portion that contains the actual daily prayer sessions, is blank.  It won't load. . . too big a section I'm guessing as the book is over 700 pages in printed format.  The PDF on my Playbook for this particular book reads just fine.  So it might be an ereader thing, or limitations of the hardware.

So this geeky author got just a little more geeky this past week!

If you're looking for a new way to spend your quiet time this year, let me suggest picking up your own copy of "A Year in Prayer With Jesus" whether in paperback, PDF, mobi or epub formats.

This is an undated book so that Day One can begin literally on any calendar date of the year!

Check out this video to get a feel for how to engage with The Lord's Prayer at a deeper level this year.

As February is also considered "the love month", learning about the Church's role as the Bride of Christ and how God chooses to clothe her in the Scriptures may be just the right read.  Perhaps you have a loved one interested in the ancient world, or a friend interested in scents or a sibling who just LOVES clothes.  This book would make a great Valentine's Day gift for any one of them!  If you order directly from me or New Christian Books, you get the paperback at roughly $20 off the regular retail price of other online retailers.  The ebook sells for $9.99 at the various online retailers carrying it

In just three month's time, another big milestone is going to be upon us!  Graduation season!!!  Why not consider beating the rush, and getting one or more copies of "Mom's Little Black Book: Godly Advice for the High School Graduate" now instead of later?  It goes for roughly $12.00 at most online retailers.  Eight graduates received it as gifts last year.












The Songdove Books Affiliate Program, which is aimed at getting word out about the two e-coourses that are offered through the website, now includes both the Click2Sell affiliate network, and the JVZoo Affiliate Network.  Earn $3.50 per sale of either course sold through your own affiliate-tracked link.  I've begun a separate newsletter for Songdove Books Affiliates and waiting for those currently signed on, to add their names to this newsletter so I can start keeping them in touch every month just as I keep you in touch with all that goes on in the world of Songdove Books.  So if you want to get in on the act and help me promote these two e-courses, go to the affiliate program page here, pick your preferred network, then grab the related links and media to help you get started.


I think that's all the news available for this month.

Take a moment to check out the blog post entry below entitled "Praise and Peace".  If I were to leave you with one particular thought going into 2015, it would be that particular blog post.  As the days get darker on the world stage, the concepts discussed in this blog post will hold true.
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