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The books I read and/or review tend to be devotionals, supernatural fiction, fictional stories that teach spiritual truths, and similar works.

February 2016
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January 2016
text: Beginning January 25th: The Poor Man's Budget - 5 Week Course, Just $5 per session!
Are you concerned about the Canadian economy? Does your income seem to be disappearing faster than anticipated? Would you be ...
The Poor Man's Budget (Or Anyone For That Matter) Instructor's Manual: A 5 week course learning to live within your means - Ms Marilynn Dawson The Poor Man's Budget  (or Anyone For That Matter) Student Workbook: A 5 week course learning to live within your means - Ms Marilynn Dawson The Poor Man's Budget: Three Month Journal: Identifying Income and Expenses - Ms. Marilynn Dawson
December 2015
text: Get 10% off ALL Songdove Books Paperbacks at Createspace with CODE: TSXQHAXR
Songdove Books is offering 10% off all purchases made directly from Createspace now through to January 3rd. Filling your cart...
November 2015
text: Celebrate Advent With the Entire Family This Christmas!
It is customary in many families and Churches to celebrate the season called Advent every December. This is a time of waitin...
30 Days of Advent Colouring Journal - Ms. Marilynn Dawson
September 2015
text: Fall Sales at Songdove Books
Fall has definitely kicked into gear around Songdove Books!To begin with, we launched the Fall Back To School Book Bundle - 4...
August 2015
text: Welcome to the August 2015 Edition of Songdove Books Newsletter!
The final full week of August already! I know many of you are wondering where the summer went, thinking you may have caught ...
August 2015
text: Fall Back To School Bundle for the Entire Family!
Have your kids already returned to school? Are you actively engaged in back-to-school preparations? Songdove Books is offer...
June 2015
text: Welcome to the June 2015 Celebration Edition of Songdove Books Newsletter!
Welcome to the edition that generally heralds two major national holidays! One of them sees a host of normally reserved peop...
May 2015
text: Welcome to the May 2015 Graduation Edition of Songdove Books Newsletter!
Anyone know where May took off to??? As I write this, the calendar says May 27th and June 1st is on Monday! So I'm sitting ...
Mom's Little Black Book: Godly Advice for the High School Graduate - Marilynn Dawson A Year in Prayer With Jesus - Ms Marilynn Dawson